Doormats are placed outside door for wiping the shoes before entering to maintain clean house


Our Doormats at Imran carpets come in a wide rage of sizes, materials and texture. Here, we sell the most premium doormats to make your rooms elegant, stylish, comfortable, smart and modern.

Our Doormats can be used, not only for the doors, but also other spaces in the home to make them stand out, and therefore making everyone, even visitors, feel welcomed, and at home.

We not only sell Doormats but we also have matching accessories like bedsheets, duvets, curtains, floor carpets, toilet carpets that will complement your rooms and make your living spaces the best that you have ever had. After shopping with us, you’ll love staying at your place.

Do you doormats for bigger spaces? No problem. We have got you covered. Whatever your preferences, we have got you covered.

Our products are designed to make your spaces look beautiful, not only your door areas but your other living spaces as well.

Our products and other services can also act as good gifts for your friends, family and relatives who are moving into a new house or have just occupied a new house. Make their day by making them know that you’re thinking about them.

So, are you looking for quality curtains and bedroom accessories? Look no more. We have all the products and accessories that you need to decorate your houses to the standard that you need. Contact us on  (256)700-420-479, (256)787-999-220 or alternatively visit us at  Park Enkadde Mall shop No K53 & K54, Ben Kiwanuka street.

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